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Have a holiday and get affordable dental treatment at the same time
Dental Clinic Pjerotic is a dental services provider located in Budva, Montenegro dedicated to offering top quality dentistry to all our clients. By using Clinic Pjerotic?s services you obtain high standard, comprehensive, general and specialized dental services and oral procedures to help you improve and maintain good dental health and self-esteem.

At Clinic Pjerotic, we work hard to remain a market leader in dental tourism in Montenegro and give our patients 100% total satisfaction in every dental service and oral procedure we provide.

Save enough money on our dental treatments to get a free holiday at the same time - check our prices
Travel to Budva, Montenegro and combine your holiday with affordable dental treatments. The appearance of your mouth can make you look older than you are, affecting the first impressions you make on others and your self-confidence. Zeljko Pjerotic graduated from the School of Dental Medicine at the University of Belgrade in 1986. After that, he began his practice in his private dental clinic. Contact us to get your quote on a dental treatment holiday in Montenegro!
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